What you need to know about a Poo Test

The Poo Test is how we nicknamed the FIT Test, which is the colon screening we offer to men and women between 50-75. It is very comforting to be able to do your test at home. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Pick up a test kit. – test kits are available at our offices at Rialtostraat, Molenplein in Otrobanda and at all branches or outlets of ADC and MLS laboratories. No matter where you love, there is a location close to you fo your convenience.
  • Have a pen ready – Once you are home and ready to take the test, there are two forms you have to fill in.
  • Have a piece of cardboard ready – throw away party plates are ideal because they are easy to handle, but any piece of clean paper will do.
  • Watch the instructional video – there are some details that are really important. Like the expiration date and opening ONLY the green side of the test tube.
  • Bring your poo sample. You can do so at any branch; doesn’t have to be the same place you picked the test kit up at. DO NOT forget to complete the forms in your test kit.

Congratulations on taking care of your health and taking loving steps towards your family.