On our mission

OUR MISSION AND VISION are to establish, maintain and continue developing a center for prevention by screening, early diagnosing and detection of various diseases. This will benefit the residents of Curaçao by ensuring a longer life span in good health.

OUR GOAL is to promote public health in Curaçao by lowering mortality and decreasing the instances of advanced diseases through the implementation and continuation of cost-effective organized population screening.

Less families being disrupted by illness and/or loss of life will contribute towards a stronger community.

OUR STRATEGY can be divided into three main fields:

  • The Caribbean Prevention Center organizes awareness and information meetings for the local population in consultation with the umbrella neighborhood organization SEFBA and other neighborhood centers. The aim is to provide information and education about the diseases as well as to build awareness for population screening. We also prioritize continuous training for our own staff, while striving to maintain the same dedication and commitment from our team members towards our clients.The Caribbean Prevention Center invests in marketing and PR and the provision of information in 4 different languages.
  • The Caribbean Prevention Center performs early diagnostics in the context of disease prevention. Screening by means of population screening aims to prevent the development of serious diseases and to detect existing disease cases at the earliest possible stage.
  • Promoting and conducting scientific research in Curaçao in the field of preventive health care and, for example, conducting random research on non-respondents. Students from the universities are recruited to support in similar research. The information gained will provide insight into the approach and methods of information of the target group and ways to effectively involve the target groups in the distribution of information about screening and its results in Curaçao.