Timely invitations

We take care of your appointments by keeping tabs with your last screening date and sending you a timely invitation by mail and Whatsapp -if we have your number on file. We make sure you don’t skip your screenings, because we care about your health..

Once we have you in our databases we make sure you get invited at the right interval for optimal screening. Breast and Colon screening are repeated every two years. Cervical screening is often every five years, but in some cases, depending on the results the repeat interval can change. We understand that two or five years from now you may have forgotten when your previous appointment was or when you have to be back for your next screening.. We make sure to invite you when it’s time to screen again.

But sometimes you may want to make your own appointment. Please don’t hesitate to do so. There are many reasons why you might need an appointment and we are waiting for your call (0800-1811), Whatsapp (4623380), or direct message via Facebook or Instagram (@fundashonprevenshon). Walk-ins are welcome.

Never received an invitation?

We may not have you on in our database. Maybe because you just recently established in Curaçao, or you moved and forgot to update your address with us, or we don’t have your Whatsapp number… unfortunately there are so many ways this is possible.

And sometimes people don’t show up for their appointments and we loose touch. Let’s stay connected! We love to be able to help you stay healthy.

Here is how you can help smoothen your appointments:

  • Show up. If u can’t make the date or time in your invitation, please reschedule promptly.
  • Keep your info with us updated so we can contact you.
  • React as soon as you receive your invitation. Avoid getting distracted and forgetting.