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Frequently Asked Questions

We love hearing from you. Please don't hesitate to ask us for instructions, clarification and all that we can help you with. Before contacting us, check here... your question may have already been answered before.

Is screening free?

Screening is free for all residents with a Social Insurance Bank (SVB) card or private insurance, and who fall within the screening categories at the time of screening.

Can I come without an invitation?

Yes. You can just walk in or make an appointment online. We will check when your last screening date was. If it is too soon, we will inform you accordingly.

Who is eligible for screening?

All residents of Curaçao who fall within any of these age brackets at the time of screening.

Colon screening: Men + Women ages 50 – 75

Breast screening: Women ages 45 – 75

Cervical screening: Women ages 25 – 65

Why not screen younger people?

Population screening aims at catching mortal diseases in their early stages in order to lower mortality rates. Therefore, research is conducted to assess which age group is most affected by the disease. The aim is to screen only this group to effectively catch the disease where it shows up most.

Why didn't I receive an invitation to screen?

We find our target population’s home addresses at Kranshi and sometimes these have changed after we have obtained the list. Please let us know that you are not receiving invitations and supply us with a home address and Whatsapp number.  You can also choose to sign up for an appointment on our home page; this will automatically set your information straight in our databases.

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Breast Screening Folders

Download our Breast Screening Folder in English – coming soon

Download our Breast Screening Folder in Papiamentu

Download our Breast screening Folder in het Nederlands

Colon Screening Folders

Cervical Screening Folders

Download our cervical screening folder – English (coming soon)

Download our cervical screening folder – Dutch

Download our cervical screening folder – Papiamentu

Information worth keeping for future reference

Donating to Fundashon Prevenshon is tax deductable if based in the Netherlands. Stichting Fundashon Prevenshon has ANBI status: RSIN/ 8265 77 581. You can find the Dutch tax officer’s ANBI status document here.

Patient Resources

Patient forms

Thank you for choosing Caribbean Prevention Center for your preventive care. For your convenience, you may download, print, and complete our required patient forms here.

Informed Consent

Give us permission to get your results from tests you made elsewhere.

Contact Info Update

Let us know when your address or Whatsapp number changes

Pre-Colonoscopy Instructions

Guidelines: How to prepare for a Morning Colonoscopy

Pre-Colonoscopy Instructions

Guidelines: How to prepare for a Colonoscopy that is performed in the afternoon
Patient Resources

Preparing for my colonoscopy

If the lab results of your poo test (FIT test) shows traces of blood, we may recommend doing a colonoscopy. This simple procedure involves going in your body with a thin device that has a microscopic camera which allows the physician to see the insides of your colon. If any polyps are encountered they will be removed immediately and painless.
Preparation for this procedure starts three days before the scheduled appointment.
Download the instructions on how to prepare for a colonoscopy.

Instructions for Morning Colonoscopies