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The Caribbean Prevention Center is at the forefront of screening in the Caribbean. We aim to be the beacon for prevention through screening, early diagnosis & early detection of disease in Curaçao. We also conduct scientific research that gives us valuable insight into behaviors, quality and other aspects relating to prevention in Curaçao. A screening is a medical examination for early detection of a disease, before symptoms occur. We currently offer screening programs for cervical cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer. Screening saves lives and offers an effective way to take preventive steps for your health. We are currently working on several other preventable diseases, such as diabetes, glaucoma and more. We hope to get funding for these soon.

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    Clients Share and Care

    “Semper mi ta skrin fiel. Ora a haña algu i dòkter a dunami e notisia ménos positivo, mi a tumé ‘cool’. Paso mi sá ku si bo ta na tempu, bo ta survive {…] mi a keda positivo, sin wòri loke hende ta pensa. M’a keda stima mi mes i sali pa mi mes.”

    Delia Alvares – Breast Cancer Survivor

    “I have been doing mammograms for over 40 years and have done so at all kinds of facilities. I must say that It’s a pleasure to do one at Fundashon Prevenshon’s location at Otrobanda. The beautiful building, the nice interior, and the wonderful way they treat me, which makes me relax. I feel like I’m the only person there. The modern mammogram machine sure helps, but I feel like it’s mostly the person doing it and giving me precise instructions that make it a painless procedure. I welcome the reassurance that Fundashon Prevenshon offers me.”

    Stella Pieters – Breast, Cervix + Colon screener.


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