Our Board


Our board is responsible for ensuring that the activities of the foundation meet their general goals. Each member of the board has a specific role whether it is in the medical, legal, financial, client related, informative or PR field. The chairman usually acts as spokesperson for the foundation. He maintains contact with the benefactors as well as with medical experts. The chairman consults regularly with the management and shares medical publications on screening as well as relevant topics with the other Board members and the management. It is important to specify that our board members do not receive any remuneration for their activities. The board is assisted by an Audit Committee and the Medical Ethics Committee (METC).

The board of directors consist of seven members, as shown in the organogram.

The board is assisted by an (financial) audit committee, a Medical Ethics Committee and four advisors. The advisors each have their own specialty: Health Financing (M. Simon), Breast Cancer screening (R. Ljumanovic), Cervix Cancer screening (1. Gomez Bravio) and Colorectal Cancer screening (E. Dekker).

The Board consists of 7 members as shown in the organigram

Prof. Dr. Ashley Duits, Chairman

D. Pinedo, Vice Chairman

R. van Eps, Secretary

K. Lombardi-de Freitas, Treasurer

R. Pardo, Member

L. Capriles-Leon, Member

N. Guttenberg-van der Wal, Member.