Our Team

Our organization is a tight knit family of well-trained professionals. Day-to-day management is supervised by the General Director and the Director Research & Development. All team members approach clients in a careful and respectful manner. The spearheads of the screening organization are effectiveness and professionalism.

The activities related to the population screenings are carried out with a team of approximately 30 employees, both part-time and full-time. These activities can be divided into financial, ICT, awareness, information, administrative and care-related tasks. Every link in the organization is important within these activities. The technical aspect of the operation is supported by specifically designed ICT software for the management as well as implementation and follow-up of the Population Survey Program.

The Team

  • Louise Elstak, General Director
  • Dr. jacqueline Hugtenburg, Director Research and Development
  • Myrtra Barby, Assistant to the Director
  • Darsy Martinus, IT Officer
  • Liandra lnecia, Finance Officer
  • Dr. Soraya Verstraeten, Quality Manager

The technicians’ team consist of five technicians who work independently and in shifts. The MBB’er monitors the client’s radiation safety and guides her through the mammography procedure.


The nursing team consists of six registered nurses who are skilled in the cervix and/or colon screening procedures. The nurses perform cervical smear tests. Guide the clients through the intake procedure and the preparations and assist the physicians during colonoscopy.